CiDRA® Precision Services, LLC is an industry leading engineering and manufacturing firm dedicated to producing high quality, high precision custom and catalog products for the life sciences, defense and industrial markets. We machine precision components from the hardest materials & our microfluidics enable scientists to study the basic nature of life.

ISO 9001:2008 Registered
Conductivity™ Heat Spreaders
Heat spreaders are used to efficiently remove heat from electronic and optoelectronic components, thereby increasing their lifetime and improving their performance. Specializing in Aluminum Nitride, Silicon Nitride and Pyrolytic Graphite, we offer simple and complex devices with micron precision dimensional control and submicron Ra surface finish in plain or metalized formats.
SlipStream™ Microfluidics
Microfluidics are used to develop highly integrated biochips containing active and passive fluidic functionality with the goal of reducing cost or increasing efficacy of life sciences sample prep, assay reactions and detection. Applications range from genetic sequencing to Cell separation, sorting, counting and manipulation. We offer SlipStream™ microfluidic devices that interact with fluids and fluid born samples to quantify fundamental biological, chemical, engineering and scientific information.
Optical Windows
Optical windows for instrumentation, site glass, barcode scanners, vacuum systems and a wealth of other applications. CiDRA® Precision Services, LLC’s custom windows can be manufactured from all glasses, sapphire and silicon in round, rectangular and custom geometries. We offer both commercial and optical quality windows with optical coatings of all types.