Conductivity™ Heat Spreaders

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Heat spreaders are used to efficiently remove heat from electronic and optoelectronic components, thereby increasing their lifetime and improving their performance. CiDRA® Precision Services, LLC manufactures Conductivity™ heat spreaders from advanced technical ceramic materials for applications requiring the utmost performance. Specializing in Aluminum Nitride, we offer simple and complex devices with micron precision dimensional control and submicron Ra surface finish in plain or metalized formats.


  • Aluminum Nitride
  • Custom Thicknesses
  • Custom Size, Holes, Cut-outs, and Other Features
  • Micron Precision Dimensional Tolerances
  • High Thermal Conductivity Ceramics
  • Low Thermal Expansion
  • High Volume Resistivity
  • RoHS Compatible
  • Prototype-to-Volume Production


  • Diode Lasers
  • Bar Lasers
  • Laser Diode Arrays
  • LEDs
  • High Power Electronics

Aluminum Nitride: High thermal conductivity Aluminum Nitride is an excellent choice for heat spreaders primarily because of its high thermal conductivity and volume resistivity, and because its thermal expansion is close to many important electronic and optoelectronic materials. Devices can be soldered to Aluminum Nitride heat spreaders via a copper or nickel metallization layer or bonded with thermally conductive epoxy. Regardless of the design, Aluminum Nitride offers a RoHS compliant alternative to Beryllium Oxide.


Conductivity™ Heat Spreader Specification



Surface Roughness <0.6 um Ra (<0.1 um Ra if lapped)
Parallelism <13um
Thickness 0.1mm to > 1mm
Length2 0.7mm to >10mm
Width2 0.7mm to >10mm
Thermal Conductivity 170 W/Km, 190 W/Km
Volume Resistivity 10ˆ10 - 10ˆ14

(1) Additional material properties can be found in our material properties database
(2) Depends on the thickness of the heat spreader.


While CiDRA® Precision Services primarily manufactures custom heat spreaders, we maintain an inventory of common heat spreader configurations.

Catalog Heat Spreaders







180-0005-001 5.00 2.54 0.20 170 180-0005-001.pdf
180-0006-001 4.70 1.50 0.10 190 180-0006-001.pdf
180-0007-001 3.00 1.10 .115 190 180-0007-001.pdf