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As a trusted and experienced military contract manufacturing partner, CiDRA® Precision Services, LLC brings the latest hard material machining and grinding technologies to armed forces products and equipment. For more than 10 years, we have worked with a wide range of materials, methods and technologies to manufacture micron level precision components and assemblies for defense systems.


CiDRA® Precision Services, LLC excels at designing and manufacturing complex components and assemblies involving the hardest materials and the tightest tolerances. We are well versed in heavily regulated, highly documented applications.

Defense Design & Engineering

We have built a strong reputation for innovative and manufacturable design development. Our passion for design, collaborative culture and engineering expertise enables us to provide critical product development services, from concept generation, to design strategy and implementation, through prototyping and ultimately production. Read more...

Manufacturing Processes


CiDRA® Precision Services, LLC maintains state-of-the-art engineering, manufacturing and metrology facilities. Hard material machining production includes work centers for milling, turning, grinding, lapping and polishing the hardest materials into the tightest tolerance components. We maintain fully automated cleaning systems and our measurement systems allow us to measure from Angstroms to centimeters. For applications requiring the cleanest environments, CiDRA® Precision Services, LLC maintains both white room and cleanroom facilities for assembly and packaging.